About Us

The Baby Quokka aims to promote the healthy development of kids and positive parent-child relationships. 


We provide quality products with focus to give kids and toddlers the opportunity to enhance learning and foster involvement from daily activity. At the same time offer parents the best experience in searching for a balance between healthy, happiness and development of their lovely kids.


The Baby Quokka derives its name from 'Quokka', which is famous for being the happiest animal in the world. The main reason why we choose 'quokka' is because the “quokka baby”; also known as “joey”, lives in the pocket of their parents (like a kangaroo). Even when the baby is in the pocket; it doesn’t disrupt their parents in living their daily life or daily activities.


The Baby Quokka’s philosophy is to promote the ‘Quokka’ lifestyle, such as kids' involvement in daily life, as well as improved family times with emotional bonding.


At the Baby Quokka, we understand that the arrival of a baby, is always a cause for excitement and joy in the family, so parents always want to buy the best baby products that help their young ones stay confident and independent, and also establish healthy and constructive habits.